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Throughout 2019, we worked to provide a bigger variety of guided tours here at the castle in Useldange. We created a guided tour specifically for children, where they can dress up and explore the castle through their senses, such as touch and smell. It is conducted in an easier language to make it more accessible. We also established a special guided tour for blind people which also includes a lot of smelling and touching. The classic interactive tour for adults has been improved by re-organising it to be more structured. Lastly, we now provide guided tours for people with mental impairment which are conducted in simplified language to make it more accessible.

The goal of this project was to make the services we provide more inclusive for everyone and increase interest in the castle. It is important to us to create experiences that every person, regardless of age or physical condition, can enjoy. In the process of designing these tours, our staff worked closely with tourist guides of the Regional Tourism Office West/Centre and experts from various institutions, such as “Op Der Schock”, to design tours that are suitable for the target groups. We also made test rounds with the concerned groups to see if they are indeed well adjusted.

The result of the project was quite satisfactory. We have since held multiple classical tours and a tour for the mentally impaired which received good feedback. We were also made aware that other offices abroad have taken note of our newly provided services and we look forward to welcome visitors from different countries. Moreover, this project constituted a good base for different projects, such as participating in the regional summer programs of the Regional Tourism Office West/Centre. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic we have not been able to hold the tours as we initially planned when we launched the project. Nevertheless, we are hoping that once the situation improves, we will be able to provide enjoyable guided tours for everybody.