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This project worked to adjust the Millenhaff. In a first step, we closed off the court with posts and installed two deck chairs and a picnic bench. Next to the picnic bench, we put up a “Bicher Box”. We put up new signs for the bike rental service and we installed a repair station for bicycles as well as bicycle stands. Lastly, we took away the step in front of the Tourist Info office to make it accessible for wheelchairs, too.

The goal was to create a place in the commune where tourists as well as residents can sit down and relax. This place is the starting point for both Autopedestre paths in Useldange, so people can take a rest before and after going on a walk. The bicycle repair station and stands were added because this place also marks the starting point for the bicycle route “Dällche West Tour”, which connects to other routes, and is therefore a perfect starting point to explore the region on bike. The Tourist Information Center Atert-Wark is also located here, so people can visit the office after taking a rest in the newly adjusted Millenhaff area, next to the castle. The furniture for this project was designed and created by APEMH and executed by the municipality.

The results are astonishing. There are a lot more people in this area, having picnics together and reading books, just taking a rest and enjoying the newly created space. Especially on sunny days people gather at the Millenhaff to have a picnic and start their hikes or bike tours. The Tourist Info office has also felt the impact, as more people have come inside and asked for more information. Overall the adjustment made the Millenhaff a much more lively space than before.