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A new theme and new conditions for the 2023 edition!

Celebrating Active Tourism

A theme that strengthens the pillars of the Visit Luxembourg brand: reliability, openness and dynamism.

Since the 1990s, we have seen a shift from passive tourism (relaxation time) to active tourism: people want to be exposed to other cultures and take part in local activities, which often involve a personal challenge or a learning experience for personal development.

Active tourism is therefore a philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural tourism in tours or visits which take the person on a journey of discovery. This type of tourism involves authentic experiences and aims to add value to the destination Luxembourg, while enjoying all its natural resources and heritage.

The categories

This 2nd edition is open to any projects that meet the set criteria, without any time restriction, provided that the services entered still exist.


A category open to all services that aim to showcase a region’s cultural heritage and, by extension, its inhabitants’ way of life.


A category open to all services aimed at adventurous tourists who choose more active holidays that combine exploration and travel (physical and sports activities, discovering nature, etc.).


A category open to all services that reduce the impact of travel, that favour non-polluting, soft mobility, that promote biodiversity and respect the existing heritage.


A category open to hotel operators who support the tourism sector and encourage and encouraging their customers to explore the country and take part in local activities.


A category open to campsite operators who support the tourism sector and encourage their customers to explore the country and take part in local activities.


A category open to operators of gîtes who support the tourism sector and encouraging their customers to explore the country and take part in local activities.


The active tourist’s experience can also be directly related to local food and products. This category is open to services that are dedicated to local gastronomy and aimed to discover Luxembourg’s history, craftsmanship and culture, or one of its regions, through culinary specialities.


The involvement of volunteers is essential to the smooth running and success of any tourist experience. Furthermore, they contribute to the image of the territory, enhance its attractiveness and reflect the positive values of Luxembourg. This category is open to anyone involved in a tourist activity who wishes to put forward and celebrate a volunteer of their choice.

The organisation of
the Awards

"​The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Marcel Proust

Every project is unique and important, especially in this edition, in which we want to celebrate efforts that encourage people to discover enriching experiences offered by the Grand Duchy in an eco-responsible way. 

The Tourism Awards will therefore award multiple prizes to promote the most promising prospects.


  • One winner per category

  • The Public’s Favourite across all categories 

  • A Commended Municipality award across all categories

Why the

Through this award, the aim is to reward tourism stakeholders for contributing both to the revival of activity and to highlighting the quality of the destination of Luxembourg, a cosmopolitan country in the heart of Europe.

It is on the basis of defined criteria that a multidisciplinary jury will reveal all the winners, then the finalists and the winners by category on a project presented.

The national tourist offer is continuously adapted and improved in order to increase its attractiveness, we want to salute this effort and this commitment.

We want to show the richness of a sector of activity that meets various expectations in terms of tourism and constantly demonstrates great adaptability in attracting both foreign and local customers.

A showcase for the quality and diversity of the country’s tourist offer.

Assessment criteria &annex to the regulations