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Anne Faber

TV chef and food journalist based in Luxembourg

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Anne spent 12 years in the UK to pursue her university studies and journalism career. She graduated with an MA in English Literature from University College London (UCL) and went on to do a postgraduate degree in Journalism at City University London, specializing in food and drink writing. She strengthened her culinary foundations by completing a training course at Alain Ducasse in Paris in 2015.

Anne has worked as a TV producer for APTN, ZDF and RTL, and ate her way around London as a restaurant critic for Time Out London. In 2010, she started her award-winning food blog Anne’s Kitchen.

Anne has published 5 cookbooks and has a regular prime time TV show on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, which has been running for 10 years. She is currently filming a new food TV show for ARD Mediathek in Germany. Her Luxembourg-shaped cookie cutter keeps inspiring people to bake little Luxembourg cookies at home.

Jorge Valente

Co-founder of diariesof – travel magazine

Jorge Valente is a trained Graphic Designer and Photographer. He spent more than 10 years in the communication and advertising world in Germany and in Luxembourg, both as a Graphic Designer and Art Director.

In 2010 Jorge joins the communication department of the Luxembourgish Red Cross where he enters the world of social and humanitarian work. It is at the service of the Red Cross that he later accompanies several missions abroad, as a delegate for Emergency Response Units.

Since 2014, and together with his partner Anabela Valente, he has been editor and publisher of the independent travel magazine diariesof. They have published more than seventeen travel magazine issues about destinations from all around the world, as well as a series of travel books.

He has been a full-time travel photographer, videographer and adventure motorcyclist for more than 8 years.

Magalie Tasch

Project manager at the Ministry of Culture

Magalie Tasch has been working at the Ministry of Culture since 2011.

After completing her studies in visual arts in Strasbourg in 2005, she moved to Barcelona and then to Montreal to complete her university studies. She obtained a DESS in management of cultural organisations at HEC Montreal.

Upon her return to Luxembourg in 2011, she joined the department of regional cultural affairs of the Ministry of Culture as a project manager, where, amongst other tasks, she provides support to regional cultural partners and infrastructure projects in the region. In addition to these regional cultural development projects, Magalie Tasch sits on numerous boards of domestic cultural stakeholders, as a State representative.

Mike McQuaide


Mike McQuaide is a writer-photographer-videomaker known on social media as An American in Luxembourg. He grew up in New Jersey (USA) and moved to Luxembourg in 2013. He received Luxembourg citizenship in 2018.

Upon graduating from Western Washington University, McQuaide worked as a journalist for the Seattle Times and Bellingham Herald, and wrote books on travel and outdoor recreation.

His book, “An American in Luxembourg,” won the 2018 Lëtzebuerger Publikumspräis; a follow-up book will be released this summer.

Sarah Pitt

COMMUNICATIONS AT Luxembourg for Tourism

Born in Luxembourg, Sarah Pitt spent some years in her country of origin, England, to live, work and study: English Literature and Philosophy at Manchester University, and later Philosophy at King’s College London.

Sarah returned to Luxembourg ten years ago, this time to stay. She has always liked writing and communications, which has led her to many interesting jobs and sectors. It’s been five years since she started at Luxembourg for Tourism, the nation’s destination marketing agency, working in content and communications – a role as she finds to be as diverse as the country itself!

Sarah loves the variety of all you can do in Luxembourg and the short distances to get there for hiking, being outdoors, and of course, dining! She appreciates the international population here and its many influences. Sarah also loves to travel and all that comes with it: new horizons, cultural experiences, local food and drink, discovering places and meeting people.